Editorial Departments
Each issue of Paw-parazzi Magazine features departments relevant to pet owners featuring detailed information, pet stories and news about the specific type of animal:

Doggy Door- a look at canines with a showcase on a particular breed of dog
Kitty Cavalcade- a look at felines with a showcase on a particular breed
Critters Corner- a look at small pets such as spiders, insects and the like
Furry Friends- a look at small rodents such as hamsters, guinea pigs, ferrets, chinchillas, degus
Reptile Roundup- a look at reptilian pets
On the Perch- a look at feathered friends

Furry Tales- fictional stories sent in by readers
Mews that Matters- important pet news from around the animal world

Ask the Vet- leading veterinarians answer specific pet-related questions involving animal health and safety
Taming and Training- animal trainers offer insight and tips on how to control pets
Pets on Parade- photo spread of pets dressed up and ready to hit the town
Ruff Recipes- a look at how to make homemade healthy pet treats

Paw Products (or Hot Around the Collar)- a spotlight on new and upcoming pet products

In addition to each of the regular departments every issue of Paw-parazzi Magazine will have a series of theme articles.

The Wellness Issue-
Vet selection
Proper exercise
Illness prevention
Proper nutrition and dental hygiene
Pet insurance

The Training Issue-
Dominance and aggression issues
Reinforcement (positive versus negative)

Animal Welfare-
Exploring the animal/human bond
Give Me Shelter: types of shelters, philosophies and how to help
Animal control
Legislation for animals

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